Friday, 29 June 2012


Just a quickie post - off to the Brompton tomorrow afternoon (Friday) for what is technically my 'annual review clinic visit' thing, even though I saw the docs when I had my annual review about 6 weeks ago.

I'm hoping they might start me on some osteoperosis drugs - my bone density scan came back pretty shocking - my poor brittle bones! Given they hadn't booked me for a scan in about 4 years i'm quite annoyed - they could have given me something to prevent this!

I also really want to ask about this Tobi inhaler - I nebulise Tobi twice a day alternating with colomycin every month, and even though the half an hour nebuliser lulls me to sleep every time (pretty blissful), it would be fan-bloody-tastic just to have an inhaler! I think there might be a colomycin one too...!

Pretty sure my weight has plummeted during this rocky two weeks, and I even have some sort of feverish thing which has demolished my appetite. It's been horrid - since monday i've been freezing cold, boiling hot, headachey, sleepy, and no appetite. I'm on extra cipro and I very rarely tend to become feverish with an infection so i'm hoping it ISN'T an infection... maybe I caught old granny germs from Chelsea and West. I have all my fingers and toesies crossed that they won't keep me in for IV's because that would suck balls.

But i'll put up a cool, calm and collected fight - Laura style - I'll talk steel if they want me in while maintaining this charming and polite exterior. Bat some eyelashes too. Maybe? At least i'll make them wait until my 3 weeks of cipro is up - buy me some time while I frantically beat all the gunk outta me and spend every meal time at McDonalds! That should do it.


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  1. Good luck today, I hope you don't need IVs! And yes, get yourself down to Maccy D's girl...that's what I've been doing because I've lost a bit of weight recently and I want to put it back on before my next appointment. CF Clinic can be so bizarre, where else would you get told off for not eating enough chocolate?
    I really hope you feel better soon! xxx