Sunday, 17 March 2013


A very, very, VERY belated HELLO! from not only me but my new liver, pancreas and bits of bowel!!

This will be an extremely quick post, just to reassure (and cast despair into the hearts of my enemies) that I am alive and well... WELL!

As amazing as Addenbrookes is, and has been to me, I will say now they fail miserably on the internet front. THERE IS NO INTERNET. Now I'm finally up to walking about and leaving the confines of the transplant ward, I have discovered a neat little pocket of wifi in Costa coffee on the ground floor - a whole 5 floors and long corridor away from my air mattress. (Yes, air mattress. I'm a skinny minny right now with a creaking back.)

I will prepare a summary of my adventures (oh there have been many!) soon, but i've only just in the last week or so been feeling up to doing more than lying in bed watching mindless TV... actually not even - i'd say moaning and complaining about shit. Actually I haven't even been complaining, more... nothing. It's been really odd. It won't be too long or mind-numbing, but i'm sure people might want to know what sort of things go on in this strange world of organ donation and receiving. It's certainly been tough, but I have no doubt the rewards will far outweigh this few months of slog.

This is now week 7 after my transplant - I got the call at 22.22 on the 22nd Jan, went into room 23 on the transplant ward in the early hours of the 23rd, and I am... how old? 23! BLOODY KNEW I was onto something with all that superstitious Freudian numerology shit! Since that date I've progressed all round the transplant ward, from theatre, to Intensive Care, to High Dependency Unit, back to theatre, back to ICU, back to HDU, side room, bay, new bay, old bay, side room, bay, and finally, back to where I started on the 23rd, room 23. Hopefully my last pit stop before I am released back into the big wide world. With my shiny new organs. Or as I once predicted (all those months ago!), out of my cocoon with shiny new butterfly wings into the spring! (F off snow and gales and rain, you are not welcome. It's nearly April for heavens sake.)
Plus, I have a swanky new flat-ish tummy to show off...!

I will post more in the not too distant future, but CSI Sunday and some IVs call. And I think my gastrograffin is starting to work...