Friday, 8 June 2012

Blackberry Jam

'Bramble' in a jam jar. 

So the other night I went to The Shop on Chamberlayne road, Kensal Rise. It's literally next door from my friend's flat, so we pop along whenever i'm over. Kensal Rise has recently become the new area du jour - everywhere you look trendy people are strolling in to trendy shops and trendy bars and trendy coffee shops to buy their trendy gluten-free-fat-free-sugar-free-ethical-soya-mocha-choca-wocca-skinny-latte/muffin. Hence, in The Shop, all drinks are served in jam jars. (See, I even wrote 'hence'. That's the pretentiousness rubbing off.) But despite this puke making coolness, the cocktails are TOTES AMAZEBALLS I mean, really yummy. 
The Bramble I think was gin based, not too sweet and finished with a glug of blackberry liqueur which makes the whole thing taste like rolling in a bramble bush with squished blackberrys ending up in your mouth. I normally have the 'Once Loved' which is served in a milk bottle (yeah, I know) and is a tropical DREAM. 
But they're expensive, so hello Tesco.
However, I really should avoid the 'hello tesco's wine section' of the night because my liver is bust and my hangovers now last 2 days. Easier said than done, but I do try. I do I do I do. Don't even drink that much - if I could raise one eyebrow and give my liver a look of 'are you serious', I TOTES would. So, this friday night will be spent watching Big Brother with a bottle of Coke a pack of crispy bacon some home-baked bread I made earlier and a side of insulin. Yum. (That's just the post dinner snack!)

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