Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A check up

Had a 'waiting for transplant' check up at Addenbrookes today. First thing, it's unbelievably quick to get to Cambridge from where I live, which is always mighty re-assuring! At the beginning of this process I kept having nightmares about getting THE call and not being able to get there soon enough and missing the organ. Shudder.

There is one thing that does worry me however - I was told that if i'm on IVs and I get the call, they won't go ahead. Ah! I knew keeping my lungs well was important, but didn't quite realise it was that serious. I haven't had any IV antibiotics since december, and my chest has been pretty tip-top since then. Just got to hold up for a little longer. Sometimes the Brompton piss me off, because they maintain their stance that they won't overload me on antibiotics "because it might damage my liver." (Insert another raised eyebrow.) This may seem blunt, possibly short-sighted, but I don't care! I'm getting a new one anyway - but I won't if you don't ply me with drugs! I understand where they're coming from ie don't know how long i'll be waiting, but it's just a little frustrating. I don't want to miss my opportunity. I'm a B+, so only 8% of the population is compatible. Take away another 3% due to size. That isn't a lot of matches...

So i'm keeping well clear of the Bromp. And public transport. And anywhere there may be bugs. In fact, tomorrow I start making one of these:

Bubble Boy!

The doc also seem surprised when I told him how excited I was. Apparently no-one has ever said they were excited... Am I just odd? I know how people can be scared, apprehensive... yes of course i'm a bit of those, it's a major thing. But surely people must get excited at the thought of what new and wonderous life is waiting just around the corner! The odds of not surviving is 1 in 6. That's daunting. A game of Russian Roulette. But surely the allure of playing Russian Roulette is the excitment? I'm slightly tentative comparing it to that, because you probably all think i'm a lunatic adrenaline junkie. It is different though, because a gift of a prolonged, vastly improved life is what i'm gambling all for. And for that, it's a risk i'm willing to take.

P.S. I'm hoping they just gave me that statistic to stop me from wanting new organs... 3 organs must mean a lot of work for the poor surgeons. It'll be a long night for them! I'll be fine somewhere far far away in a drug induced cuckoo-gaga-land...

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  1. Laura you are so so brave! That's what I've always loved about you though- you've always been so full of energy and positivity and I'm glad that hasn't changed despite how daunting this must be. I look forward to reading the posts about your vastly improved life that I know you'll live to the full.

    Ok, gayness over- watch Revenge, it's online (shhh) and is my new addiction! It's abit slow and predictable to start with but it gets so good and is the perfect escapism!

    Lots of love,

    Smaz xxxxxxx