Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Book Worms

Books land on my desk at work almost contantly. From biographies, to crime fiction, to novels to hardback non-fiction, a new title is always finding it's way into my hands - often passed straight on, though sometimes takes a short detour through my fingers as I flick through the pages, and read parts on my lunch break. Books also come home with me, like the book slut I am. Since September my book collection has multiplied like ravenous rabbits - my living room is now littered in paper backs, trade paperbacks, proofs and the allmighty hardback. I've pleaded with my dad to help construct more shelves, as right now they're finidng their way into any available space there is.

This hoard is both beautiful yet daunting - at the moment it's taking me on average half a year to finish a a book (I start one, start another, start another, realise I started two books, re-start the first one, re-start the second one a few weeks later, give up and pick a new one with a gorgeous cover.... it's a vicious cycle, and book love can be fickle.) I estimate, working at that rate, that I have a lifetime's worth of books to read. A long life too, and given i'm not expected to grow a grey hair, i'll aim for half.

This obsession / problem has pointed out some fascinating insights into how my brain works.

1) I'm obsessed with books
2) I never read books
3) I accumulate non-fiction
4) Mostly Philosopy
5) And books about space
6) And books with pretty covers
7) I want more Penguin Classics
8) When will they re-issue the original Penguin classics design?
9) I have a hoarding problem
10) I also hoard computer tabs

Number 2 is a lie - I do read books (probably more than most). I think relative to the size of my growing collection, I never read books.

At the moment I am reading:

I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes - a fantastic crime novel - it's so gripping, intreguing, fast paced...

The Crystal World by JG Ballard - I've always loved Ballard, his descritions are transpotive in their dreamyness!

Penguin Little Black Classics - notable titles i've picked up recently are The Eve of St Agnes, I, Body, Grimm's Tales, The Dhammapada. (I tend to read these on the tube)

How to Start a Revolution, Lucy Ann Holmes - No more page three! Girl's got fire

Walden - Pandering to my love of all things utopian / dystopian - this is the Philosopher Thoreau's ideal community.

See what I mean? I've been juggling these guys for about a month now.

I really want to read  / add the list:

The Worm at the Core - Out later this year (I have a proof woooooo) investigting the role of death in life - mortality is a theme that always calls to me, whether it be through the Romantics, science or mythology - I just find it fascinating.

Mark Thompson's Space Traveller's Guide to the Galaxy - SPACE

Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh - Such a cult classic, and i'm sure the sense of achievment after you've grasped the lingo will be the best feeling, after air conditioning on a sweltering day.

God in Ruins, Kate Atkinson - So much hype round the office for Kate's new book

Disclaimer, Rennee Knight - Again, bare hype.

Chris Fowler's Bryant and May series (series- no!!) I was working at Chris' book launch and birthday party, and he is such a straight up guy!

Terry Pratchett's Discworld - I'm ashamed i've never read anthing of Terry's, but judging by the amount of love that we've recieved at work about him, I feel I won't be let down.

(I'll get back to you in 2 years with my progress...)

I don't know how to escape from this rut? I need to learn to stick with one, through thick and thin.
I blame my iphone for this severe decline is concentration.
It's destroying my brain.

I'm off to hunt for a new job, as my temporary job at Transworld is finishing on Friday. It's been great experience, the publicity dept is dreamy. I'm going to jump in and look for marketing jobs, because after all this time flitting between departments, buildings, companies I have finally realised that marketing is the area of publishng i'd absoloutly LOVE to work in. I've sent off some applications, so here's hoping something comes through...!

If you have any book recommndations please please let me know - that list can definitely afford to be a bit bigger...! Now time to grab a book and eat ice lollies in the sun!