About Me

Laura Taylor


Live in East Acton, London

Work in Publishing

Spent three years at Sussex Uni studying English lit

Did a foundation year at Chelsea school of Art doing doodles

I'm a Redhead and therefore a sucker for anything pre-Raphaelite

I'm a mini 5ft 2

Cystic Fibrosis, Type 1 Diabetes, ex CF Liver disease 

Ex dancer, ex organs

23/1/13 received my multi-visceral transplant - all of this

I've previously lost my balance and my memory. Never lost a phone. 

Dream of owning a literary themed cocktail bar. 

Big believer in organ donation. In fact, sign up

I'm a cat person. Meow

here's something that combines my love of pussycats and literature that isn't Edward Lear or T.S Elliot.