Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Territorial Pissings

I think I should do an updated version of my transplant for you all to read, a version where I pander to this attention seeking trend. I'll put in all the terrible parts, the parts where I was in tears both for pain and despair, and just how terrible I really felt. I don't write about that shit because thats just a part of it, of course you're going to feel terrible. But maybe if I did people would realise what I went through was huge. It was massive. But the fact I had a transplant that wasn't lungs seems to simmer down in the lowly ranks compared to the awe and glory those having lung transplants receive. When will people realise that CF isn't just about lungs? That a lung transplant isn't the hardest thing anyone with CF will contend with? Try having an operation just as big - arguably bigger (definitely bigger) - and have shit lungs to contend with. The narrow mindedness of some startle me. You may shit on me for saying this, but a lung transplant is piss easy compared to what i've been through. I wish people would realise this. It's one of my pet hates when people think CF in a lung condition. It's not. Now try having a 12 hour operation, another 4 hour operation, 2 general anaesthetics, 3 new organs, 4 months of recovery in hospital, all the time not being able to breathe. It'd be a breeze if you had sparkly new puffers to wake up to. I'll undoubtedly get slaughtered for writing this, but I actually don't care. I feel as if I had succumbed to this attention seeking-whoreish nature some have taken upon themselves, more would realise what I, and many others have gone through or are going to go through when livers pack up and die. Instead we're left with the same culprits and their hoards of fans who throw around words such as "inspiration" and "hero" at them, giving the impression they are better/ stronger (or sicker and more worthy of sympathy) than others going through similar situations, when in reality everyone, even those with lowly liver, pancreas, intestine transplants are equally as heroic. (We are! Though how it's heroic to not die is beyond me!) We ALL cope with shit, and arguably better than the ones who plaster it all over facebook and twitter just for the hundreds of comments that will come flooding in afterwards to boost their already inflated ego. I hope it fucking bursts.