Sunday, 30 June 2013

Checking in

Going for a wander down Blog Post Memory Lane was a surreal experience. 

I'm now worried I'll never have anything so dramatic or poetic to write about ever again. Real life pales in comparison to that upheaval only something like a transplant can bring. 

I have no choice now but to create some scandal, to experience some earth-shattering existential crisis, go on some trip to the moon or summit. 

I have a few clinic appointments early next week, both at the the Brompton and at Addenbrookes, so I'll outline the progress of my smooth sparkly new additions as well as my delicate old ones then, once I have some new exciting info (or not?). It's been a little up and down since I've been released from the safe confines of the hospital walls, but nothing too volatile. It's been exciting. It's been an adventure. There's been a lot of driving...