Thursday, 12 December 2013

Winter chills

Things have been busy since I last posted - I even forgot about this little blog until I was kindly and lovingly reminded about it at the other night at the pub!

I've been applying for graduate jobs within advertising, and got to the final interview round at top ad agency AMV BBDO - not bad for my first ever job application. Sadly I didn't get the job, but getting to the final 25 out of 1500 applicants in pretty awesome, and has definitely not dampened my verve to continue applying. The final interview was a toughie - 12 hours of breakfast through to drinks and dinner, with an Apprentice style advertising task in the middle dotted with relentless interviews and presentations. I'm now applying for internships within advertising - money or no money i'd just love to get my teeth stuck into something juicy. 

Other big news - my jej feeding tube is out! It's been giving me stick, and I've been gaining weight without it (I reached 47.something kg!) so at the gastro clinic the other week I made Dr Westaby yank it out. It's a wonderful feeling of freedom, and after 10 months I'm finally tube free. The only ghostly memory of the transplant is the fading scars - and fading they are.

I've also gone and chopped all my hair off. Transplant anti-rejection meds have been causing havoc with my hair, leaving it a thin, whispy and damaged mess. It was so thin that all together it was as thin as my little finger. It was getting me down terribly - it used to be so thick and luscious that I now felt a shadow of the Laura that once was. So it's now a super little bob, and I love it. 

Real life problems, niggles and dilemmas are beginning to seep back into my life again, which as much as they're annoying, are a refreshing reminder that normality isn't just a faint hope anymore. I think my bubble has finally broken, and in flows reality. I love that flippant things like jobs, men and wine are a thing again (flippant? Really Laura?) and health isn't constantly at the forefront of my mind. Saying that, my chest still feels slightly temperamental, but I did blow my best ever lung function in the recent past last week at clinic, WELL chuffed! 

Things are exciting, things are fun, and even despite litte dips things are good. Even with set backs, better and more exciting things are always there to take you by surprise, and keep things sparkling.