Friday, 8 June 2012

I have succumbed

According to this little gadget I have on my google homepage, i've been waiting for a liver and a pancreas (and a little bit of gut - don't forget the gut!) for 49 days. The first 2 weeks flew by, but now it's like time has decided to play a cruel and torturous joke on me and go as slow as it possibly can. This gadget is also telling me it's been 32 days since i've had a McDonalds, which is worrying me. Pretty sure i've never gone that long without a MaccyDs before. At school I used to have McDonalds every day for lunch, even when my whole school was banned (inner city comprehensive. Rowdy bunch). This is one of the perks of having Cystic Fibrosis - you can eat all that good shit and not gain a drop of weight. My mum wrote a letter to the manager, explaining my high calorie dietry needs, and from then on, I was the envy of the whole school. My friends could come with me too - luckily I didn't have to choose between fatty goodness and friends. Though if it came down to it, I just might have chosen lonerville... 

So this waiting game is one of the reasons I have succumbed and started this blog. I spend my days doing nothing. I sleep, watch Home and Away, then Neighbours, then sometimes Law and Order but it gets really hardcore, then sometimes the channel 5 afternoon film. Notoriously always absolute rubbish. But so rubbish, it's really watchable. Just like Will and Kate the Movie. Dotted during this crap fest I eat as much food as I can, and work my way through all the physio and nebs and boring things like that. This lazy lifestyle is actually a pretty good way of making sure I do all my treatments. 

I'm not a fan of going out much these days - my crappy scarred liver and fat spleen have made it so I look pregnant, and have constantly low energy levels. It sucks. I don't go out unless i'm wearing a big baggy jumper, which as the weather is warming up, is making it harder and harder. So I stay home, be good, make sure my chest is tip top to deal with the upcoming transplant, and indulge in guilt-free slobbery. There aren't many times in life where that's acceptable, so i'm making the bloody most out of it. This is also why i'm up at 2 in the morning... I don't need to get up until 1.15, just in time for my Australian soap fest. 

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