Sunday, 10 June 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Yesterday afternoon I saw Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom'. GO SEE IT. It's gorgeous. Everything he does is gorgeous. I think it's the colours. Like when Dorothy steps out of her black and white house into technocolour and realises she ain't in Kansas anymore, Toto. The girl in the film also carries round a kitten in a basket through the wild forests, which is just way too cute. I think i'd like camping if it was like this film - if my cat would be willing to come with me, if I had a portable LP player, and had a proper Khaki Scout boyfriend to set up camp in such glorious places. Oh, and if I was twelve. In reality i'll just let Wes Anderson create my escapism for me, because life is never quite as pretty as his films. It just doesn't really match up, does it? It's like everything has been lovingly wrapped up in aging parchment, tied up with twine, and has a little hand written declaration of love hanging off the bow.

P.S. Why don't people write letters anymore?

But anyway last night was a joke. I think I drifted off to sleep around 3, but was up every few hours coughing and spluttering... too hot so I put the fan on,  then I was too chilly, then my light blew up, then my blood sugars were really high, then it got light, then my blood sugars were too low... I don't think I got very much sleep at all, and now I feel rotten. Thank goodness it's sunday so no-one has any expectations of doing anything productive. Not that I ever do anyway... I've asked dad to bring me back some cheapo fairy lights from Homebase so I can decorate the living room. They maaaayy end up in my room though. A gal can never have enough fairy lights!

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  1. Laura, I think you and I should start writing letters. Seriously.