Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Uh so i've had a horrible 36 hours!

The last few days i've been really really sleepy - I thought darn it, iron must be getting low. And then yesterday morning (I say morning, i'm never up in the morning) I went to the loo and everything was BLACK. I ignored it because I couldn't face the thought of it being another oesophegal bleed. Varicies popping. Few hours later, same thing. Wasn't getting better, wasn't lightening up, still completely black.

Went downstairs and sat in the living room, and mum remarked how deathly pale I was. I hate worrying her, but I thought I have to tell her because ruptures ain't good at all. It happens because of the high pressure in my portal vein thanks to my scarred liver - the blood doesn't flow through my liver very easily so there's backed up pressure everywhere. The veins can then rupture anywhere in the GI system - if there's any positives to this, it's that mine do in my oesophegus rather than my intestines. Don't fancy having a camera poked up my butt thank you very much!

So la de dah went to A&E and was gowned up and in a bed in less than 20 minutes! I kid you not! Iron levels were surprisingly normal, I tend to run at about 9 all the time, and that's what they were. Still, they wanted to do an endoscopy which unfortunately could only be done monday morning. A lovely overnight stay in the Acute Assessment Unit awaited.

Then I have no idea what was going on. They started giving me all these random IVs - antibiotics (for some reason), vitamin K, more coagulating/clotting things, antacids... I was filled to the brim with a concoction of drugs like some kid was having a go at making a cocktail and putting everything but the kitchen sink (actually, including the sink) into my poor wee veins. Lo and behold 10 mins later my skin felt like it was on fire! The back of my neck and my face was burning up in waves - but they had given me so many things they had no idea what was causing this reaction. Then I started to go EVEN paler so I just looked like a mass of freckles and thin air. Then I was so sick. Then (yes, there's more!) it felt like I had a bladder infection and needed to pee constantly. Add to this a tummy ache, serious exhaustion, and the fact that I was wearing a frickin hospital gown that kept flying open. NIGHTMARE.
This lasted 24 hours.
And I still hadn't had my endoscopy.   

OH, and I was nil by mouth.

Next afternoon (after the most awful night filled with all of the above plus batty granny's shouting at her invisible friends ("Oh Jim! For the love of GOD, open the door and let the kids in! Let them in, Jim!!" "Jill, come sit with me and tell me about the kids""No! No! I'm not sitting by the window, i'll get wet! Don't make me - I won't do it! NEVER!")), I finally had my endo.

Found a couple of varicies, hadn't even been bleeding. It was then my turn: "Oh for the love of GOD let me go home!!"All that, and still no clue whats going on in there! Docs think there might have been somewhere further down that had been leaking, but since there was no more black toilet stuff (nice), they weren't going to try again. Mystery. At least the bleeding seems to have stopped. But seriously i've never felt so drained in my life. Go in with one thing, come out with a never-ending list of things - I still feel horrific. Blurgh.

I did lol big time when the girl opposite me, who had taken cocaine and E or something and had collapsed and banged her head, told her mum "Oh, I passed out because i'm just so, like, stressed". Fucking Chelsea.  

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  1. Oh my God, you've really been through it! How are you feeling now? I hope you're ok! How annoying that they don't know for sure what's happened, I hope you're getting plenty of rest now and ordering people around to look after you. Deff a perk of being ill ;) I hope you feel tons better soon as.
    Love how you've still found something funny in all this drama! There's always crazy old people on the ward bless em, there was an old bloke last time I was in who kept calling me a whore. At least I hope he was mad, would never have let him get away with it otherwise haha. I'm cracking up at the Chelsea girl! xxx