Friday, 17 August 2012

Redheads kicking butt

I'm not going to review every single film I see, but this one definitely deserves a mention! I went to see Brave with my mum (yeah, my mum. It's a very mummy/daughtery film), because being a redhead, how could I not. I want to support Disney Pixar's first ever female protagonist. First ever! I think it's ludicrous how Pixar, after what, at least 10 years(?) of fantastic films, have never had a female lead. Not very good. Big tut tuts. So, in this epic week of girl power (SPICE GIRLS FTW), Merida takes pride of place. And how perfect to have a lead who is a fiery, independent, beautiful redhead - about bloody time!

No way! I shoot arrows too!

What I was most moved by (yes moved, I was very emotional), was how unlike Disney princesses of yesteryear, Merida didn't need a prince. There was a happy ending, but that happy ending didn't revolve around her finding true love, getting married and all that traditional frankly outdated palaver. It was all about breaking tradition and controlling your own destiny - whatever you want that destiny to be. I can't help but feel a swell of optimism of how this young generation of little girls will grow up with role models like this - head strong, determined, courageous and independent, rather than the majority of princesses we were all brought up idolising - ones who, for them, only desired to find their Prince Charming. And not Princesses who are always pristine, neat and practically perfect in every way, with skin as white as snow, lips as red as roses... no, princesses with wild unruly hair that matches the untameable soul inside - a rugged natural beauty that stems as much from the outside shimmer as it does from an infectious spark within. I didn't need the 3D goggles to gauge how much depth Merida had - a multi-faceted diamond of a lass inside and out (the 'out' thanks to the incredible animators, seriously, wow). Did I mention she was a redhead?! Not blonde, not brunette, a redhead! Yes yes, there was Ariel, but c'mon, her hair was totally dyed. This was ginge. True ginge. I was bursting with pride!

As lovely Merida was big on escaping fate, and controlling her own destiny, I began to realise how far away from my normal self this transplant situation has made me. Normally, (blowing my own trumpet here) i'm quite similar to Merida (yay!) - I believe if you want something to happen you go out and you get the oil and you get those cogs moving, not relying on some external power to decide what will happen for you. But waiting for a transplant is different - you have no other option but to sit and wait. It's a disconcerting feeling of powerlessness. Yet on the other hand, because there is really nothing I can do to control what is happening, I can indulge in this guilty pleasure of pure passivity and let archaic and somewhat alien notions of fate and magic play with my thoughts (in case you haven't realised!). It's a bit of a treat. I'll chill out in this dreamy passive timeless frozen (almost)care-free floating bubble humming 'que sera sera' until my gaudy pink mobile rings and bursts it. Then afterwards back to reality i'll go, fighting fit and ready to shoot fate and destiny down with a well aimed arrow. I'll be so fed up of doing jack shit that i'll probably like, marry a prin... I mean, hunt down a job and a career! No rush though. This is kind of a biggie.

But yes, I want more princesses like her. We need more princesses, heroines, protagonists, role models like her. Pixar, you dun good. And it was funny too. But i'm never going to a PG film at the cinema again. So many crying babies and talking kids and kids eating and kids crying and mums shushing... argh. Kids.

I also want to mention my Podhaler. I've been using it nearly three weeks now, and it's really been quite life-changing. It takes a bit of getting used to because the powder can be really harsh on the back of the throat and makes me cough like crazy. But it's so quick - 5 mins tops, and because it's so speedy speedy, I find I actually take my Tobi much more that I used to. Before, with the neb, I used to sometimes not do it especially if there was no clean nebuliser bits or was in a rush to go somewhere, it just took so much time and effort. But that's not even an issue now, so i've hardly missed a single dose! To avoid the tickle and the coughing I often take a much more gentle breath in, which just means I end up having to take 3 inhalations per capsule rather than two to get all the powder. But that's no biggie.

If you CFers aren't too hot at always taking your nebs, I would recommend asking about and trying to get the podhaler - you might find you're more likely to take your meds more often. I'm always quite compliant with taking my meds, but we all have our off moments where we just can't be bloody arsed. I find I now have less of those, which both my conscience and i'm sure my lungs are very pleased about! I have it on good authority that my lungs are happy, as my lung functions at my 2 weekly hospital appointments (I know, 2 weekly, so lame) continue to get better! That is why I now kick butt, just like my on-screen doppelganger.


  1. Yahoooooo for more girls on screen AND behind the screen! The first female Director to win an Oscar as Best Director EVER was only 2 years ago - wtf? It's time, already! And even more kudos to ginge (and blond) heroines who don't need a man to complete their destiny. Awesome post, grrl!

  2. I will put this on my list of movies to see! I'm sorry that you can't be that strong independent person you truly are while waiting for this transplant. But I know it will happen for you soon and then you'll be able to do that and so mny new things too! Hoping you get that call oh so soon!