Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Amaretto Marshmallow

Endoscopy was completely fine. Camera in, camera out. No banding needed, and the angry inferno left in the wake of the previous one had (from what I can recollect thanks to the sedatives' amnesiac properties) all settled into a much more tranquil and heavenly looking place. If oesophegus' can ever look that pretty. Ha.

What I didn't know is that you can be given a sedative reversal drug, meaning that walking out of Chelsea and Westminster I looked pretty normal, as supposed to a looking like a crack-head somnambulist. Still a little sleepy, and gosh I hate to think what my hair looked like (these days it's shocking at the best of times. Bloody vitamin deficiencies making it go all thin!). Despite this, I felt well up to making the most of this beautiful sunny day! Caramel coffee frapaccino in hand me and mummy hit Kensington High street with the sole intention of finding trousers. I have ONE pair of trousers I wear. The only ones that do up. And they're not that nice to be honest. I'm now the proud owner of two more that shock horror actually do up! Still a little baggy because my legs are stupidly skinny, but it's progress. And they're not black. I brought maroon jeans, and cream jeans with pink flowers on which I absolutely love. And two baggy tops. Blue and maroon (again). Yeah I like maroon. Thank you H&M!

Of course I also treated myself to TWO(!) mascaras and eye liner and two nail polishes (amaretto and marshmallow) and body spray and cotton buds. Yay cotton buds.

My jeans!

My marshmallow nails, with added doodle

And now i'm going to go to bed because I woke up a full 6 hours before what I deem a suitable time to get up. (Anytime after 1. Tough life. ) And i'm shattered!

Next endoscopy appointment: 6 MONTHS FTW!


  1. I wish H&M was my walk-in-wardrobe! I popped in earlier and wanted everything maroon and emerald! I'm not sure I could handle having such yummy named nail polishes, even though I'm imagining that they're really cute colours! I'd want amaretto and marshmallows every time I looked at my hands! :) xxx

  2. Aw yay glad it all went well! And a shopping spree! That's what I like to hear (or read?) I like maroon too. And cotton buds.
    I gave you some blog award ting btw xxx

  3. Yayy all round! This blog post needs photos!

  4. Nice jeans - love the nails! Summa stylin.