Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Clouds and beds and ducks

Have been at my gran's down in Sussex for the last few days, enjoying a mini holiday complete with seaside trip, pub lunches, country high street shopping, chips (lots of food full stop!), and a big fat double bed. I wish I had a double bed. It feels like sleeping on a big cloud where you can sleep in whatever direction you wish and everything you need can be scattered around the outside - books, jelly babies, phone, blue puffer... like some self-sufficient magic platform. Never need to get down. The amount of times I nearly fall of my single bed or have to like, you know, reach all the way down to get something. Honestly.

Tomorrow dad and I are off to Cambridge for a transplant check-up and ultrasound. Gutted that i'm not heading up there for a more exciting reason... oh well. It's an early start, actual early, not my-books-early. I want to be 51kg at least, but my recent eating drought probably won't have helped very much. Time to pile on the bling, Snoop Dog style. (He's hip hop, right? Doggy Dog.)

I now have a funny image of Snoop Dog sipping fortisips...

My spleen is sore. That's the only thing that ails me at this moment in time. But it's always sore. Tender is probably a more accurate way of putting it - it's uncomfy lying on my left side, and it's also uncomfy lying on my right because my ribs dig in and poke the bugger. I would lie flatter to stop the rib poking thing, but if I do I end up coughing blood which is just a nuisance so I prop myself up on this wedge thingy. Just so happens I bend in just the wrong place. I have this hug-a-pillow routine that seems to work, which I suppose also reveals some deep emotional stuff about me. Like a pillow fetish? Maybe it's my subconscious mind clamouring for feather pillows - that luxury that I used to indulge in until those ducks plotted their revenge and conspired against me to make me slightly allergic to their fluffy tufts. Win some, lose some.

But i'll sleep and probably dream of (hugging) David Gandy, mohitos and jetting off to Palau where the two former delights await me. Google image Palau. And David Gandy, why not. Everyone knows what a mohito looks like. Yes, then imagine all three together, and you have some insight into my brain. Golly what an insightful post about Laura's psyche!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely break, I loveee Sussex. Sorry your spleen is such a pain in the ass (or rather ribs) but hugging a pillow IS so comfy. I always have a snuggle pillow, I cannot sleep without one. Loads of luck for tomorrow with the early start. I hope you weigh loads! #ShitCFersSay

    I love gothic fiction, it's my fave genre from back in the day. People thought it was trashy back then though didn't they? It's good to know that even if I was a Victorian my taste would still be bad. Can't wait to read Northanger Abbey though, been on my list for ages. And they mentioned to me last time at clinic about getting the injections, I think that's what I'm gonna need. If I do I shall use getting them as an excuse to buy myself a gift haha xxx