Sunday, 1 July 2012

Road Trip!

You'd think not much happens on a sleepy sunny afternoon in chelsea. The big cavernous beast of a hospital is resting it's otherwise chaotic and manic claws that spends all week days gobbling up person after person, wooshing them around and poking them then spewing them back (exhausted) onto the smokey fulham road.
But today could have been one of those days. Addenbrookes called the ward where I've been stewing since friday, saying they have a bed for me. After chomping down the last of my KFC, i scooped up all my belongings and yellow me (nicknamed 'buttercup' now - I find it quite endearing if it wasn't for the fact I'm ACTUALLY THAT COLOUR) was booted into the ambulance and driven like a maniac to Cambridge by Mr Smooth FM.
So here I am, again some sort of medical enigma, waiting for the tests to commence. Why did she suddenly turn yellow? Why does she still have a fever?Where is her infection? Why is her blood count falling so fast if she's not losing any blood? Why has she gained so much weight if she's not eating? Why does she have fat ankles?... and random shit like that.
Anyway here I am now in this swanky quiet ward with hotel style loo. And it's the transplant ward! It suddenly makes everything feel very real. At some point I'll be back here, having gone via the other end of the corridor - transplant high dependency unit. Wowza. At the moment it sounds like Wuthering Heights outside as the winds speed along the flat Cambridgeshire plains and channel themselves through the gaps in the windows. You can see the hospital from miles away, stark tall and alone as it rises out of the fields. Just as all you can see as you peer out the windows is the monotonous green, bumping up now and then. Not very interesting, but during the day the sun covers every blade of grass and every cow, making the dull seem quite magical. Dare I say, sublime?! This crazy expanse of the unending unknown. Can you tell I live in the city?! I swear even the rain looks nice here.
Mum and dad are camping about 5 mins away in our trusty camper! Summer hol with a twist. Dad left mountains of munchies for the cats. Bet they're loving it.
Anyway I'm waiting for 2 bags of blood I just heard. Rare. Yum. I think I'll be knowing what's happening as each hurdle presents itself. But that's cool. I'm chilled. They call me Mellow Yellow. Quite Rightly.

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  1. I'm glad you're in a nice hospital, although of course I wish you wasn't there! I hope they work out exactly what's happening and fix you soon. In the meantime, I hope you're being spoilt loads by everyone (lots of KFC and other fattening goodness!)
    And I'm laughing because I'm exactly the same when I go out of London. I moved to just outside of Greenwich and even though I'm hardly in the countryside (the buses are still red!) I'm marvelling at how green everything is!
    I hope you're feeling all right, keep ya chin up! Although I've no doubt you're the most positive person ever, I know plenty of people on Facebook who could learn a few things from you. They have really bad hay fever and it's hurting their eyes and they just wish it would be over because they can't take any's ruining their make up! Bless 'em, poor lambs. xxx