Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Transplants are, luckily, something most people never have to think about. I never thought about transplants or organ donation much before a few months ago, despite having CF.

But now i've been whooshed into this world that revolves around transplants, I feel like I really need to share how important it is.

It's understandable that talking about becoming an organ donor once you've passed away is a pretty intimidating thing. No-one wants to talk about, let alone even acknowledge their mortality. It's all a bit dire. So it gets pushed to the forgotten regions of your brain, while you then continue to live your life to its fullest. And so you should! Everyone should!

Everyone, including people who need new organs to live. So don't forget about it just yet. All it takes is to say to your loved ones, your family, that if something should happen, please let my organs be re-used! Sign the donor register! Live your life to it's fullest, then let someone else live theirs to their fullest too.

Organ donation is such an incredible thing, extremely life affirming, and really shows just how amazing human beings can be. The world isn't such a bad place when strangers give other strangers the biggest gift anyone can give.

Notch up your bravery, confront your mortality for 5 seconds and sign up for a donor card, tell a family member your wishes for after you die. Then you can forget about it. But at least you know that by doing that, you're probably going to save and dramatically improve someone's life.

It's not scary. It won't affect you when your alive.


And for everyone on the list, I hope you get your life changing call SOON! (This week would be super cool, non?)


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