Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Croque Monsieur, madame?

My appetite has returned! So I decided to celebrate this triumphant return with a breakfast the Calorie King or Queen would be thrilled to bits with. They would set their trumpets blazing, their flags waving and their Knights in extra shiny armour to line the route from kitchen counter to kitchen table (or in my case, living room sofa/ bed) to herald in this long-awaited return.

So I figured, by always getting up at midday (or later, never before), i'm missing out on a meal. In hospital, by the time I would have had a measly breakfast at home, i've already had a FAT breakfast, biscuits, lots of tea, and a proper hearty hot lunch.

So today I woke at 10, had a cereal, went back to bed, woke up again at 12 and made myself this baby:

That is one calorie packed toasted sarnie.

2 bits of bread, buttered both sides (so it's like a proper toasted sandwich)
Layer of cheese
Layer of ham (6 wafer thin slices)
Layer of chorizo (5 slices)
(Another) Layer of cheese
Sliced tomatoes
...and maybe more bits of cheese

Put in a toastie bag, toast in the toaster.  Or if you have a toastie machine, use that!

Meanwhile, make, or heat up the bechamel sauce - I already had one made from when I had this yesterday...
Butter, flour, milk, cheese, pepper, and I put a little bit of mustard in too, all stirred up on the hob.

Then put the toastie in a pan
Cover in the sauce
Sprinkle breadcrumbs on
And put under the grill until it bubbles!

Then eat. Yums.

I had two of these today. All before half 2! Divine. It's not quite up to hospital standard just yet, but I do constantly graze all day on salami, crisps, more salami, ham, toast, chocolate... you get the idea. I'm then so full I have no choice but to sit and do nothing... and, um, eat more. Tomorrow I might try a croque madame - which is this, with a fried egg on top!


  1. Woo to the return of the appetite! I'm still waiting for mine but this sarnie has started to bring it back, looks so delish! And toastie bags have gotta be the best invention ever xxx

  2. Wow. Wow. F***** creative and just amazeballs. Puts my carbonara to shame. Hats off to Madame Le Chef. Keyleen. PS. Just figured out you can just write on here!