Sunday, 15 July 2012

A stream of blabbering consciousness

OK I'll try not to go too Virginia Woolf on you, because we all know that could end up disastrous and potentially boring. No promises though. I KNOW I keep posting about CF stuff, but to be perfectly honest, not much is happening in my life right now apart from CF shizzle. Trust me, I cannot wait until I can start blogging about a life like the one I had a couple of years ago! And it'll be even better because it'll be a life without hypos and blood sugar monitoring and creon with every meal and shitty hangovers. I stumbled upon a blog where the person complains about having to monitor her blood sugars for 48 hours whilst in hospital, and how annoying and tedious it is because she can't snack or eat anything too sugary etc etc. I wanted to scream at the screen "try doing this every single day!" 48 hours in hospital doesn't even take into account energy used to travel places, walking about, socializing, drinking - every single thing that affects sugar levels. I'm just jealous. It's such a delicate art to get right, takes so much forward planning and thinking ahead, even seems mathmatical at times when trying to calculate how much energy you'll use against how many carbs you've eaten against how much insulin you should therefore take. It's hard. I like to think of it as keeping my little grey cells active whilst they otherwise would be rotting away as I watch Neighbours day after day. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, wasting and sitting and stewing as I slowly become a shrivelled body with an australian accent. I already have a shrivelled pancreas - two decades of it being completely defunct. I can't get over how lucky I will be to have a new pancreas. Proper life changing shit right there. Did I ever write that i'll have two pancreases?! They're not going to take the current one out for some reason, but due to it's shrunken size it won't take up much space. Odd huh. I keep having Tarentino/CSI style visions of my autopsy and the forensic pathologist discovering this absurdity within me. "Holy moly! This gal's got two fucking pancreases! Whatta freak!" My mind is slipping into it's black comic ways. It does this all too easily. This sunny facade hides a comically sinister interior. Maybe it's because i'm not fazed by blood nor gore nor shockingly blunt facts about the body. My mum's dad was a doctor, and she brought me back his book of colour photographs of the insides of the human body. Cadaver after cadaver after cadaver. I'll be honest, it was a little queezy-making at first, but you de-sensitize very quickly to the puffed out organs and rubbery skin that almost looks like Egyptian papyrus paper. It's fascinating. Imagining that once they were functioning entities with blood rushing through them, powering them, as they relentlessly work to enable people to write drivel on blogs (it's an old book, so they were probably writing drivel in ink to lovers far away or to the next door neighbour asking them to please refrain from having the wireless on too loud.) But now they're just artificially coloured ghosts of lives that once had been, delicate yet scarily robust as if Damien Hirst had created yet more modern art soaked and protected in formaldehyde.  I now have a weird fascination with finding people's livers and spleens and doing that 'tap-tap' thing doctors do and pretending I know where everything is. The thing is, it's not hard when they're bloody massive, but normal people's ones are hard to find! Still, I go, "ahh yes, no hepatosplenomegaly here". My mum looks at me like i'm frickin bonkers. But go on, say that word, and I bet you'll want to say it again and again. I read on wikipedia, it's the simultaneous enlargement of both the liver and the spleen. Hepato - spleno - megaly. I passed a degree thanks to wikipedia. I love you wikipedia, you unreliable beautiful source.

How's that for stream of consciousness. Actually, kinda shit.
I could go on, but I won't. Because I know you stopped reading a long time ago and just skipped to this paragraph because it was shorter. 

I'll bullet point the rest.

- Today I am eating jelly babies and catching up on Once Upon A Time and painting strawberrys on my nails. 

- Yesterday I used my Freedom pass for the first time, and caught two busses home BECAUSE IT WAS FREE AND BECAUSE I COULD. Saved 5 mins of walking. Felt brilliant.

- Our Sistine Chapel bathroom is nearly finished and looks beautiful. I'm going to order candles with Raphael's cherubs on from amazon. Then create and frame a photoshopped version of our cats, that would look a bit like this.

- Watched Bright Star again last night with a fellow Keats lover while eating ice cream and (more) jelly babies and carbonnara. Not all together. I love Ben Whishaw.

- I need to wash my slippers because they're getting a bit smelly. Sorry.


  1. Enjoyed the steam of consciousness, could have done without the slipper detail. Blood and guts: fine. Cheesy footwear: notsomuch. x

  2. I didn't know you're gonna end up with two pancreases! That's freaky, but in the best way. I've got a bit of a morbid fascination with the inside of bodies too, CF has made us weird. I can't wait for you to get your transplant, you so deserve to get better. And I look forward to reading about your non-CF related adventures! You will have many thanks to the freedom pass haha glad you're loving it, I feel SO smug when my mates are topping up their oysters. Who needs a Nando's black card, a freedom pass is way better! xxx

    1. Worked out it's worth like 8 grand ?! Zones 1-6 for 4 years. Think of all the Nandos you can get with that! Yeah it is freaky :-/ Ah!