Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Filling days

I haven't been completely useless these 6 months.

I have a job every friday, aiding an old family friend through his quest to publish some books. At first, I was cataloguing and organising his wealth of Victorian stereo-photographs - you look at them through special specs and they're 3D! They're quite amazing, especially the ones of Tintern Abbey, a handful of wars, and all these Royal occasions - and all from the mid 1800's. There's been lots of other things in-between, but now i'm about to embark on sorting out a little Victorian girl's diary, and a big bundle of letters. It's very Downton Abbey-ish, discussing scullery-maids and other things from bygone days. I get paid in money, tea and endless biscuits. And the odd jar of homemade jam, yummy.

I do other stuff too. And it's this other stuff that has really kept me sane throughout these few months. I have such fun gossipping and chatting and helping and planning, that as much as I bang on about feeling adrift, i've found i'm floating on rather a fun little ship! (Thank you :D)

Admittedly, I haven't done nearly as much reading as i'd hoped, and I haven't tried drawing a single thing, but i'm not going to beat myself up about that. You make grand plans as you try and capture this precious free time, yet it just seems to slip through your fingers and trickle away.

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  1. As a history/Downton Abbey/jam obsessive, that sounds like so much fun! It's weird how quickly time goes, it's like when you was at school and you was gonna here and there during the holidays but instead just slept your way through it.

    As for that article, I'm surprised that the doc's gave an age...I didn't think they did that any more! That's so lovely about your teacher, I had one visit me at home once when I was really ill and off for a month, all she brought me was homework. BITCH. Aw and Frankenstein's monster, when I think of him floating off I feel so sad. I mean I know he murdered and stuff, but really it wasn't his fault. xxx