Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Chocolate chips and Cauliflower

Trecked up to Addenbrookes yesterday just for a clinic check-up and ultrasound with my dad. Had to be in Cambridge at half 9, which wasn't fun. The early morning drive through the fog was incredible though - huge dense pockets of it hugging the ground until you escape out the other end into gleaming sunshine! Mornings are odd things.

Nothing much had changed on my ultrasound - spleen couldn't fit on the screen (too darn massive), and apparently my liver looks like a cauliflower. The guy showed me this huge egg-sized bump sticking out of the top right hand corner like a disgusting growth, and all these nobbly pointy lumps all over the liver. I have a pretty tough stomach, but i'm not going to lie, I felt sick. I have this horrible deformed thing growing inside me. I just want to rip it out myself and fling it as far away as is humanly possible!

I also found out they're not going to replace my gallbladder when they take it out along with the liver and panc and duodenum, because you don't really need it and there's a risk it could get infected post op. Awesome! The doc said my surgeon, Mr Butler, wanted to see me and say HI, but he had just been called to a kidney transplant. Someone had probably been waiting years for that, so that's pretty special. Walking through the hospital to get bloods done I kept thinking about someone, somewhere in this giant labyrinthine monster of a hospital, lying in an operating theatre with Mr Butler working his magic. It'll be me soon. Soon ish? Ish? It's so exciting!

Dr. Allison was pleased with my weight, my lung function, my muscle mass, and my decision to re-start my antibiotics despite Brompton panic. I feel so chuffed each time I say I still haven't needed any IV antibiotics - not since december last year. 10 months. Nearly a year! But i've been working so hard at maintaining my lungs, out of pure fear that i'll be declined a liver. When you have something to really work for, you try so much harder than you even thought you could. It's like a lung function - even when you think you've blown your absolute best, there's alway a tiny bit more you can squeeze out. When I was little and my mum would do my patting physio, she'd name all these yummy foods one after the other, and for each one i'd have to take a little breath in, until I had filled my lungs up so completely I was about to burst. She'd then say "chocolate chip!" and i'd have to squeeze in one more tiny bit. Even when I thought I couldn't do anything more, i'd always squeeze in that last chocolate chip!

I always think about that chocolate chip, and not just when it comes to lung functions or physio. Thanks mummy. (I always eat one more too...!)


  1. Aww mom's are the best and yours sounds great! Sounds like you've been taking really good care of yourself. I hope some of that good karma will get you your liver faster!!
    PS I have no spleen or gall bladder. I don't miss them ;) Do you know if they're going to take your spleen out?

  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. Yes soonish (wishwishwish!) Well jel at no IVs for 10 months, well deserved though all the hard work you've been doing! Do you still like to ride your bicycle, like to ride your biiiiike? (sorry) I wish I still had mine I used love it.

    And chocolate chip! I love that and your story that goes with it, I used to get 'One more little breath or you'll be here for longer, not playing with My Little Pony/Animal Hospital/Fashion Wheel.'

    Hope you're alrite guuurl xxx