Saturday, 22 September 2012

Control, ALT, delete


Clinic. I just went and blew my best ever blow in recent history. 78 and 60 percent! GO FUCKING ME. I have no doubt it's because of my super speedy, super dooper podhaler, as well as my cycle rides. I feel like I own the world! Or have it under my thumb - it's fab feeling so in control of these puffers. The world is mine mwahahaha. Weight up too, is there anything that can stop me?!

Well, yes. Is the simple answer. And surprise surprise it's called MY LIVER.

(Before I go on, just want to add I have these new fantastic headphones, and Absolute are blasting out some TUUUNES! (Hence the Depeche Mode up top, I wasn't being all psycho doolally...) Edwin Collins always gets me strutting ma stuff, like that M&S ad. Even though I don't have much 'stuff' to 'strut'. And i'm sitting in bed. But you get me.)

SO, yes, back to the dreaded liver. One of the levels (ALT) was about 5 or something times higher than it's ever been (and it's normally pretty darn high) - I saw on the graph this relatively tame jagged line, then BOOM it shoots up like Mt. Everest amongst a horizon of Notting Hills. Oral antibiotics have now been stopped for at least 2 weeks to take as much stress off the poor thing (poor? evil? I'm conflicted) as possible.

Middle column = my blood results.  Right column = what they should be!

The good thing I suppose is I now have an explanation to all these niggling ailments that have been quietly bombarding me for a week or so. My digestion has been completely awful despite both enzyme and eating habits having not changed at all. I've also been absolutely exhausted. I thought it might have been an iron thing, but as I hadn't lost any great quantities of blood recently (even the coughing up of blood has subsided a little) it remained a mystery. The last few days I haven't been able to get out of bed - my alarm has been put on sleep and reset for an hour later more times than I can count! Not even in the days of staying up all night, galavanting round London in some drunken stupor and jiving my butt off in Gaz's rockin' blues for hours etc etc have I been so utterly shattered. It sucks.

I now hope my lungs don't turn crap without my trusty bug killing crime fighting super saviour duo of doxycycline and azithromycin... but I suppose with them being rather sparkly it's quite a good time to take a breather. It'll be like a little holiday ! Just the podhaler! NICE. Every cloud eh.

I will try drag myself out for a cycle later, at least to get some chippies, but at the moment I feel like i'm caught between the world of the living and the world of sleep. No amount of caffeine has shaken me out of this tedious little half-life, proper 'death warmed up' shizzle. But if anything can lure me (albeit partially) out from this daze, it's gonna be a big bag of hot yummy salty fatty chips!

No reason for this pic, it just makes me happy.
And reminds me to buy more... ooee


  1. Glad all your other stats are looking good, now just need a healthy liver! What is popping candy chocolate spread?! It sounds crazy!

  2. Hallo! How are ya? I'm glad everything else is on the up, I wish your liver would behave though. It's good you have a reason for the weirdness of the last few weeks as well, not knowing stuff is annoyyyyyying.

    I didn't know Sainsbury's sold that! Must get me some. In Ireland you can buy Jedward bars which are popping candy chocolate bars (would you expect anything less from those boys?) and I am a bit ashamed to say I miss them, they taste goood xxx