Thursday, 27 September 2012


OK, i'm totally bored, and have resigned myself to the fact that this tx thing might take forever. I was naively optimistic that it would happen in 3, 4 months, but the reality is that it could take BLOOMIN AGES.

So enough of this giddy waiting.

I'm going to go paint.

What will I paint? Whoooo knows.

And then i'll go to the Tate on Sunday to see the Pre-Raphs.

Then i'll think about how I can fill my days properly. Twitter doesn't count!

I have to get over this fear of going out because of my tummy and just do it. I'll just pretend i'm preggers and go baby shopping. OMG actually this sounds fun? I wonder if there are any free things for pregnant chicks? Like pampering things... foot massages, or spa treatments, or coffee mornings... LOL.

I've lost it.


  1. Someone is going to stop you at the Tate and try to put you back in to one of the paintings.

    1. "I'm real! I swear!! Goddammit! "

  2. Good plan Batman (or should that be Batgirl..?) I completely understand how you feel, this sort of limbo waiting situation. Hope you manage to find stuff to fill your days with... That call will come when you least expect it! xxx

  3. Twitter totally counts as does idle gossiping!

    You know what I really think you should do to fill your days? Write.

    I'm incredibly serious just don't be stealing any of my anecdotes K?
    That call is coming spidey senses are twitching.


  4. I kept seeing those Pre-Raph ads at the tube station and was thinking you'd go and see it! I agree with the above comment, writewritewrite! Your writing is way better than the usual drivel in magazines and newspapers.

    I suppose at least you could get a seat on the bus without any awkwardness and having to argue your case with your freedom pass! xxx