Thursday, 17 January 2013

Buck up, Liv!

It's happened.

I HAVE FLUID in my abdomen. In my belly... button.

Yup, belly button. LMAO.

There's also some in a few other places around my liver and dotted about that general area, but yes, that dreaded 'ascites' has hit.

I went up to my Addenbrookes appointment last tuesday, and just as I sat down in the ultrasound waiting room, I had this intense pain all around my belly button. It's really hard to describe - even now as i'm writing I just want to giggle as it sounds ludicrous. A sore belly button? Get ouuut! But it was popping out so much, and everytime I coughed there were these pangs all around. I told Mr Ultrasound man, and after looking at my 'lobulated' liver ("Cauliflower? Yes, so-and-so does have a way with words..."), and pointing out the pockets of fluid (*SOB*), he zoomed in at my lovely little bellybutton. Not only was the hernia still there, but now it was joined by fluid. He didn't know exactly what would have caused the pain, but him and my doctor later told me to 'take it easy' ha! This ascites thing happens with liver disease - fluid just fills up the whole abdominal cavity. All doctors assume I have it as my stomach is so distended, even though it's just sheer bulk of enlarged liver and spleen. Until now. Thankfully there's not much - I think i'd pop if more started accumulating. I've been prescribed diuretics to hopefully keep it at bay until i'm the lucky recipient of a new liver.

I've also been gradually getting this lovely yellow glow. It's oh so subtle, like when you hold a buttercup under your chin from a, well, ladylike distance, yet i've gone and walked into a whole room of them. I think it's been getting worse at the same rate as my cough has been getting worse, which would make sense as any infection can push my liver over the edge. I'm getting seen at the Brompton tomorrow morning (yes, morning. Oh crap) to hopefully nip this all in the bud. Yet I can hear the Brompton moaning now about how antibiotics are bad for my liver and are reluctant to start me on anything blah de blah... (I've already ordered cipro from the GP...) This is going to be a tediously long and exhausting day. Add into this mix two gloopy vitamin injections and an overbooked afternoon clinic appointment after my 9am date with the vampires.

Then a birthday party.

Aaaahh crap.

Update: Chill, everything's fine woop woop. Yellow had gone by fri (typical), but was started on cipro to prevent anything taking a tumble. As mister doctor said, without a moan anywhere to be heard, we're not taking any chances! Oh I love it when they think i'm important!



  1. I bet when you wrote this post you didn't think you'd actually be having your transplant 6 days later!!?
    We are being kept informed of how you're doing although it took a whole flipping day lovely!
    Missing your musings but know that you'll be back soon with a shiny new liver and pancreas-woop!!

    For anyone reading this & dont already know, Laura had her transplant yesterday (23/01/13) xx

  2. I've just stumbled here through Josie's blog, and I am so glad that I read what she posted about you having your transplant :) it sounds like you've been having such a tough time of it. I hope it all went ok, and I hope you're recovering well xx

  3. Oh my goodness! Does anyone know how she is doing?

    Best of luck and thinking of you lots Laura!! I am so happy for you!